Pattypan Breakfast Bowl

Breakfast is typically not my favorite meal of the day as most traditional breakfast foods don’t appeal to me. I honestly just skip it most mornings, or opt for a smoothie if I’m feeling ambitious, or a scoop of protein in a shaker cup if I’m not.

With that said, there are the mornings that I have more time, and I decide to get creative, like today. I love building nutritious bowls, so why not do that for breakfast? …also, breakfast does not have to consist of just “breakfast” foods.

Adopting an anything goes mentality is a fun way to start putting together some delicious breakfasts, and I’m happy to say breakfast and I are in a beautiful place right now. I’m enjoying cooking and eating it, and I often quietly enjoy mine while everyone sleeps (except these crazy dogs, who are always happy to share in my creations).

I cooked up a bunch of veggies that I had on hand last night…pattypan squash, onion, zucchini, cabbage, and some baby bella mushrooms. I had also cooked a bag of navy beans in my instant pot (which is magic, but more on that later).

Anyway, I was really not hungry and didn’t eat this last night, so it was my first thought for breakfast. Into my little cast iron went one organic egg, and I heated up a bowl with the veggies and beans. So simple, really nourishing, and delicious.

Ate this in the peace and quiet while I visited some of my favorite food blogs and sipped my coffee …pretty sweet way to start my day.

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