Farm Dinner

Now that I’m feeling a lot better, I’ve been thinking about ways I can live out the calling I’m feeling to feed people really healthy, nourishing food, without impacting my day job.  So, I’m so excited to share about the Farm Dinner I hosted with a dear friend, earlier this month!  This started with an idea I threw out months ago, that we should do something like this, but we hadn’t really given it another thought until she came to me and said, “let’s do it.  Let’s just pick a date and host a dinner.”  Sooo, that is what we did.

So many details went into this night.  Thankfully she lives on a beautiful property in the country, Buckeye Hill, and my Mom just happened to have a couple 12 foot long tables that needed a home.  (We sent the guys to pick those up, which was an adventure in itself.).




Shanda and I share a passion for local, clean, ingredients and we are blessed with an amazing community of friends and family, so narrowing down the guest list and the menu were the only two real challenges we faced.

We were able to find some pretty fantastic local producers that were very good to us.

We featured pasture chicken from Maude’s Place.

Beer from Cotton Brewing.

Hard Cider from J. Trees Cellars.

Local Produce and flowers from Buckeye Hill, and Needle Lane Farms.

Coffee from Red Rambler Brewing Co.

And bread from Tecumseh Bread & Pastry. 




We did go a little overboard on the menu, but that’s I’m sure what everyone expected from us, but everything came together really beautifully.  Our guests said they felt like they were in a magazine (they were a little like the paparazzi with their phones!), and raved about the food.  Watching them enjoy what we had created with such care and intention was incredibly rewarding.




This was truly a celebration of community, and even though I beyond exhausted, I was incredibly grateful and proud of what we had pulled together.  An evening of not only amazing food (and desserts), but of lots of laughs, great conversations, and new friendships…an opportunity to just be present with our guests.




Everyone has been asking when our next event is…and once we recover from this one, we will likely get to planning…and I will definitely be sharing some of the recipes that we used and everyone loved …we also sent everyone home with them.




4 thoughts on “Farm Dinner

  1. This was such a great idea! I would love to see your menu and recipes! Your pictures remind me of dinners from my childhood at my grandmothers family farm!


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