Sneaking in Self-Care

Health is about so much more than nutrition…nourishing not only our bodies, but our mind, and our spirit.  We need to spend time doing things that fill us up, to “armor up” as my husband says, so we are equipped to face whatever life throws at us and remember God is in control.  We are saved by his Grace and can live in his perfect peace, free from worry, but we need to spend time being quiet so we can hear his voice.

For me, right now,  these are the things that fill me up:

  • Spending time with friends.
  • Getting outside into Nature.
  • Soaking up some sunshine.
  • Finding quiet, being still.
  • My toes in the grass.
  • Reading my Bible.
  • Yoga or walking.
  • Cooking.
  • Prayer.


As busy professionals and moms, it can be really hard to fit in these kinds of activities. Caring for kids, dogs, and husbands is pretty much a full-time job in its self, but working on top of that forces us to get creativity about fitting in self-care.

On this day, my focus was getting outside after a long workday.

Finding a fishing spot for one of our boys that is also a beautiful place for me to relax and study, was a win/ win.  Bringing a few things that I knew would nourish me enabled me to charge my batteries a little while he enjoyed his most favorite hobby…and I was never too far away when he wanted to show me something or let me be his “fishing caddy.”


Oak Openings has these two beautiful fishing spots at Mallard Lake and Evergreen Lake that we discovered on this gorgeous summer evening.  I’m so grateful for days like this, enjoying God’s creation, basking in his Glory.

God Bless,



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