I’m Sarah and I’m super excited to be jumping into the blogging community as it seems like the more I learn, the more I have to say.  I am married to the love of my life, and am the Mom of a 14 year old daughter, 3 bonus sons, 14, 15, and 16, and a 24yr old bonus daughter.  I work in Product Development for Libbey Inc. in Toledo, Ohio, as part of our Foodservice Marketing Team.  Pretty cool gig for a day job 😉   I am blessed to be a part of our worship team and  am looking forward to serving on Women’s Leadership beginning this winter at Ogden Church. (check out our podcast!!)

Up until a few years ago, (for as long as I can remember) I suffered from chronic respiratory illness, and my life consisted of taking tons of antibiotics and steroids, and never actually feeling “well.”  In the fall of 2014, I developed a cough, that despite more drugs, continued to worsen…I continued to work through it, until I crashed and ended up in the hospital for 5 days.  The Pulmonologist’s words were, “you blew your chest wall out coughing, of course you are in pain.  You wouldn’t have gotten better if you hadn’t come in here.”  Wonderful.  So, IV steroids and morphine was the cocktail I enjoyed during my stay, and I went home (on our 2nd wedding anniversary) with 9 prescriptions in hand, and ended up missing 30 days of work (at a job I had been at for not much more than 30 days).  Unreal.

This was December, and I continued to “fail” as the doc called it for the next 6ish months, repeatedly in his office until he finally threw his hands up and referred me to an Allergist.  I endured a 4 hour visit with her in August of 2015, lots of scratch testing and Pulmonary Function testing for her to tell me I was fine and to stop taking the asthma medications…so, no more inhalers.  That was that until I developed joint pain shortly after so bad that I could barely get from my bed to the bathtub to soak before I could start my day.  This pain was brutal and constant.  Multiple tests later, and all my doctor could suspect was that the pain was caused from all of the steroids, but unfortunately all they could do for me while I waited for a referral to a Rheumatologist, was to give me MORE STEROIDS!  Seriously… this was dose 16 of Prednisone in a 12 month period.

This was my breaking point.  I had to do something different, so finally in November, I “fired” my doctors, and made an appointment with a Naturopath who was very willing to spend the time necessary to figure out what was going on with me.  Through a Biofeedback Scan, he was able to identify multiple issues with food and systems in my body, so I made the changes he suggested that day…eliminating wheat, dairy, almonds, potatoes, and sugar, and started taking some natural supplements.  Within 4 days, my pain was about gone.   I followed this plan perfectly for the next 6 solid months, not one Christmas cookie passed my lips and I set a goal to not get sick for 365 days.  Not only did I not get sick, but I lost about 20lbs in 3 months solely from changing my diet and eliminating the inflammation, and I felt well enough to start working out again and lost another 10lbs pretty easily.    I have since stopped eating meat again as well, (I was previously a vegetarian for 7 years) following a mostly vegan diet and have never felt better.  I’ve maintained a 30lb weight loss and have still not gotten sick.

Throughout this time, I began sharing my story and helping others with questions and advice regarding health…I got very into juicing and now juice for some of my friends and am working on building a legit juice business!  I have taught a series of wellness classes, I am a Forks Over Knives/ Rouxbe Cooking School certified Plant Based Cook, and am currently working on a Holistic Nutritionist Certification.  I truly feel like it is my calling to feed people and help them to enjoy better lives through a holistic approach to wellness…mind, body, and spirit are all equally important and so connected.  That’s where Nourish Your Soul Food was born.

Enough about me!!  Welcome!!